Photo by Clark Tibbs

Photo by Clark Tibbs



General Conference will be reliably unpredictable, yet will address the greatest rift in the modern United Methodist Church. People need to hear why YOU oppose the poor treatment of LGBTQIA+, that they have sacred worth, and that they should not be treated as pawns. Even if they think they have their mind made up, we have no idea what will happen during the course of General Conference. Here’s what you can do:

1. Locate your Delegate’s Contact Information

Not every Conference has a list of their delegates with email addresses. Use these two items to help you figure it out:

Here’s the directory of delegates by conference

Here’s a list of conference websites

2. Review the Talking Points and Other Resources

Make sure you have your facts straight, but be sure to let them know why you believe in The Simple Plan.

Here’s the one-page talking points for The Simple Plan

Here our resources page with other helpful documents

3. Craft and Send Your Message

Our primary goal is to get support for The Simple Plan during the initial vote that determines the order the plans will be considered. Delegates will be able to show support for as many plans and petitions as they like during this vote. Please encourage your delegates to consider The Simple Plan as a “high priority”.

THank You!