UM-Forward is a collective of United Methodist liberationists fiercely committed to advancing POC+Q+T liberation through an intersectional, enfleshed, and anti-colonial framework. Our organizational identity is rooted in the “Loved and Liberated” Proclamation.


What do we see? What are we building?

  • We envision a vibrant church living the Gospel and uncompromising on Jesus’ love ethic of full inclusion and affirmation—a church set free from injustice, oppression, and discrimination.

  • We are building the beloved community of the kin-dom at hand.


Why do we exist? What is our work?

We are called to make a faithful future irresistible: creating and shaping a way of collective flourishing, intersectional justice, transformative healing, and liberating love. UM-Forward exists to:

  • Lead the church into celebration of queerness and the holiness and beauty of POC+Q+T people.

  • Advance liberation of marginalized, particularly POC+Q+T, through intersectional justice.

  • Propel The United Methodist Church forward toward perfection in a way that does not settle for incremental change.

  • Challenge the establishment and resist moderation, centrism, and compromise.

  • Proclaim joy and celebration of PoC+Q+T spirituality.


What grounds our mission and vision?

  • Theologically-Prophetic Vision emerging from the intersection of Wesleyan, liberation, and queer theologies.

  • Intersectional Justice and Intentional Centering of the Margins.

  • Radical Solidarity as a responsibility rooted in our mutual connection and interdependence.

  • Beloved Community inspired by the Extravagant Grace and Resurrection Hope of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Liberation.

  • Mutual Accountability grounded in collaborative, horizontal Leadership.

  • Queerness as a spiritual, ethical, and evangelical (and not only sexual) orientation rooted deeply in the biblical witness of the non-complicit, non-conforming, non-conventional, and non-compromising Jesus of Nazareth.

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