Let the Yes Be a Yes


Today, Rev. Anna Blaedel and their counsel, Rev. Tyler Schwaller, met with the committee on investigation in Iowa to address the ongoing complaint against Anna for delighting in their queerness. This is the third such complaint Anna has faced. Anna and Tyler testified to the sacred worth of queer and trans life and love and called out the harm done by the church through pervasive and persistent efforts to prosecute, persecute, and purge queer people from the church.

Now, the committee's duty is to determine whether there are "reasonable grounds" to support a charge. The counsel for the church is recommending that a charge be certified against Anna, which could lead to a trial. However, the committee has not yet made their determination and will announce a decision within five days. The primary possibilities are that the committee will either dismiss the complaint or certify the charge for trial. Until then, we continue to move forward enfleshing radical solidarity, unconditional love and peace with justice.