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WHAT: A Summit to discuss the future of The United Methodist Church, centered on POC+Q+T (Person of Color, Queer, and Transgender) voices.

WHEN: May 17-18, 2019 (Preconference on May 17, Conference on May 18)

WHERE: Minneapolis, MN (the site of GC 2020)

WHO: POC + Queer + Trans People of Faith and Our Allies

WHY: General Conference 2019 showed the world that some of the most articulate, faithful, visionary leaders of the church are POC+Q+T. And yet, while there are post-GC gatherings planned for leaders who oppose the Traditional Plan, we are yet to see a gathering that specifically centers these wise (and underrepresented) groups. 

The focus would address questions such as:

  • How can United Methodists who affirm LGBTQIA+ lives shape the future of the church in the wake of the Traditional Plan?

  • How can we build a church that does not replicate racist, sexist, classist, and colonialist structures of the past?

  • How do we articulate a passionate love for God to our communities?

Allies (supporters who are neither LGBTQIA+ nor a person of color) are welcome to attend on the condition that they commit to centering the underrepresented voices in the room.


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Please consider donating to offset the cost of the important event, and to provide scholarships to those who need them.