In Solidarity

We urge our fellow Asbury administrative leaders, faculty, current and fellow alumni to repent of this sin and to join us in standing in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ siblings in Christ. 

Further, we ask for the current administration of Asbury Theological Seminary, as well as past presidents, to publicly repent from the harm done against LGBTQ+ people in the United Methodist Church as well as LGBTQ+ students who have attended Asbury in the past and who attend Asbury currently.

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Your Discomfort

Some of you straight folk get uncomfortable hearing words like "straight" and "queer," and then don't care for acronyms like "LGBT." Some of you would rather I stopped talking about queerness and sexuality. If that's you, buckle up and keep reading…

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Trust Hilton
Why Liberation Can't Wait

…We ended our time at UMNext singing “I Surrender All.” I felt the weight of this song in a familiar yet newly painful way. The weight of knowing that as people stood there, so many were not willing to surrender much at all. They were not willing to surrender their money, colosseum, and privileges. And yet, they are asking those of us at the margins to surrender our very selves for the sake of their comfort…

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Cameron Overton
From Inclusion To Liberation

UMCNext might have been more inclusive than the status quo, but it already has and will continue to produce exclusions because it is being built for the preservation of power and prestige, not for the sake of embodying the gospel of collective liberation.

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Rev. Tyler Schwaller
I've Been Complicit

I write this post not to absolve myself of the sins I have made against God’s beloved children by not being in radical solidary to everyone pushed to the margins by the patriarchy. I write this post to confess my sins and to encourage others like myself (white, straight, middle class cisgender) to start this painful, humbling process of self-examination. I am still learning and hope that people continue to lovingly educate and provide feedback as I move forward to the person that God has called me to be…

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Irene DeMaris
Take Courage

…These days are not easy, or clear, or simple. The answers are not the same for everyone, nor should they be. The only "wrong" answer is turning away from the harm, washing y/our hands from the impacts of white supremacy and queer/transphobia, particularly in whatever ways your privilege encourages…

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Rev. M Barclay
Something New

… Therefore, I hereby request to discontinue my candidacy for ordained ministry until such a time arrives when every person can be celebrated fully for who they are in our denomination, regardless of whom or how they love. I am a disciple of the Incarnate One who lived life in and among the margins of society and who is calling me to take this next step in my ministry journey…

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Ian C. Urriola
The Sacredness In Our Lives

Most Sunday mornings, I end up standing at the back of New City’s worship space. I welcome people who come in after worship has started. I make sure the door stays slightly ajar because it locks automatically if pulled all the way shut. From this vantage point, I can see and count who is in the room (at least when everyone is seated, otherwise I’m too short to see much of anything). From this vantage point, I get to watch as people who may have no experience of church or have traumatic experience of church are welcomed into a community in which collective healing and liberation are practiced…

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Rev. Dana Neuhauser